Saturday, 8 September 2007

Creative Bliss - Single 12x12" Sketch

Have been trying to get this one up for you all, but my girl got sick and I got a bit sidetracked with real life. I really did enjoy this one, so hope that any of you will have ago and also share your LO's by either linking it in the comments or by uploading to our gallery.

Thanks to everyone who shares their work, I get a real kick out of seeing a LO done by one of my sketches. Blow Kiss

This one is called 'Creative Bliss' - Have fun! :P

And example LO by me aka Jolene Pienaar :)

Have a gorgeous weekend everyone!


Sandra said...

What a beautiful sketch! I printed it out to (hopefully) use this weekend :)


Gio said...

I quote Sandra...I love it...I'm going to try this evening . When it seems you have no fantasy left, a little jump here and you can start again..Thank You!

Benga aka Marix said...

I love circles so I saved this sketch, finally I made an LO.
Tnx for sharing your sketches!

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