Saturday, 13 February 2010

Hi sketch fans!

My sincerest apologies for posting this a day late - my beautiful baby girl was born last Friday and since then I have suffered from migraines (due to lack of sleep, I'm sure) which have limited my computer time. I promise to be more organised from now on.

Here is Krissy's wonderful sketch - a 2 photo design that just falls together.

And here is my first layout showing my two blessings. ' I Adore You' is about the way my son loves his little sister already. :) The Love Bandit range suits the sentiment so well. :)

Next up is Kerry's layout entitled 'Goof Ball' showing a different take on the sketch - I love the elements Kerry always pulls together.

And finally Ilona's layout entitled 'A Pose in the Snow' - gorgeous bright colours for a wintery layout. :)

Krissy will be back with another sketch and examples on Friday. Happy scrapping ladies!



Kathy said...

Oh, Sara, happy happy happy congrats to you and your family. And blessings on your new little one! Great sketch, beautiful pages today. It was worth the wait!
GET SOME SLEEP (yeah, right, I know...impossible with a newborn).

Lean said...

Lovely work girls.
bye bye,Lean.

Lean said...

Congrats wth your baby girl wish you all the luck and some .....sleep????
bye bye,Lean

Scoobie said...

Congrats with the baby girl, Sara!

And DT: Fab work - again!

Ali said...

Ditto to what Scoobie said :)

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