Sunday, 28 September 2008

Guess what


It's our gorgeous Liz her 40th birthday today!!!!!! Congratulations beautiful girl. We (the sketchies, DT's and Boss lady) wish you the best birthday with lots of pressies, cuddles, laughter, friends, a cake and your beautiful family!!
We love you girl!!

The girls have made you some gorgeous lay outs :)
Zane by Ally

This boy by Tam
Z made by Krissy
Everyday princess by Karen

I have made one too but can't show it ;)

All pictures courtesy of Karen Brierley (taken at the park one day hehe).

Manon xxx


Liz Weber said...

Awww Manon, Karen, Ally, Tam and Krissy for those gorgeous layouts, I am so surprised and happy and surprised and happy - I so appreciate the thought that went into each and every layout and thanks so much for all the Zane layouts - he will be thrilled. Karen that is another gorgeous Sabrina layout - thanks so much.

Manon ahem ahem - thanks so much for this and I really really cannot wait to see YOUR layout my dear dear friend - thanks for always thinking of me and being such a dear wonderful friend to me and making me smile.

Liz Weber said...

A very big special THANK YOU to Karen for organising such a sweet lovely thing to do. Karen I am so very glad we have become friends through this wonderful craft, scrapbooking.

KarenB said...

Happy birthday Liz!! Hope you had a super day with your family and I'm looking forward to catching up and hearing all about it :)

kate said...

what beautiful layouts girls i hope they made your day a special one lizzie :)