Thursday, 3 July 2008

3rd July Sketch

Hi girls

We have the new monthly sketch challenge for you today. A sketch by me (Manon) for you to play with. Hope you like it.

A hint, the photo's are wallet size. Some programs (like picasa) print pictures at a larger wallet size, if that's the case for you then tick the box "shrink to fit".

Feel free to change it around a bit and make it your own. As long as you stick to the sketch we're happy!

Here are the examples from the girls.

First a gorgeous LO by Krissy of her cute niece Morgan called "gymnastics". Love all those gorgeous flowers :)

Tam's lovely LO "little Rascal". Love that she's used so many photo's, it is so effective, gorgeous!

Liz's LO coming soon :)

And last my LO about when Ruby had changed into my big girl after the birth of her sister (and my new little girl) Lucy. "U R my big girl now".

Enjoy and can't wait to see what you all do with the sketch :).

Manon xx


KarenB said...

Totally awesome sketch Manon!! And fabulous sample layouts ladies :)

Krissy C said...

Awesome sketch to work with Manon!Love everyones examples too :)

Krissy xx

Helena said...

Hi, I really want to try this challenge, but what size do you consider wallet size?? I did a search on google and there are so many different sizes, it's mind boggling!!!!

Love the site and the sketch is awesome!


Manon Keir said...

Hi helena
My wallet size is approx 6 cm x 8 cm (or 2" x 3")
It doesn't come that precise but i know what you mean about different wallet sizes LOL. Looking forward to see your LO!!

Helena said...

Hi, here is my effort, I have used it with another challenge, so if it's not allowed, not to worry! The sketch was fab and I wanted to use it!

Oh and thanks for the wallet size info!!!!

kimmyj said...

Wow, just found your site link.... very nice......

kimmyj said...

sooooooo here is a link to my take of the July sketch

Helena said...

OOps just realised I sent you a link to my blog instead of the post that the layout features on. This is a link post that the layout feauters on!